Episode 6 | Rohit Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan | Breakfast with Champions Season 6


From teenage to parenthood, our next two champions share a special partnership both on and off the field. In conversation with Gaurav Kapur, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan open up about their mid-wicket tales, their extended family, and a few inside jokes. You’ll need to grab some popcorn because this one’s going to be quite a show.
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    Golden words by Rohit : "Bhad me jaye bowler"!!!

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    Mi paltan

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    Gilchrist + Hedan = Dhavan + Rohit

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    Imagine rishab Pant in breakfast with champions

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    We want rohit and virat together please

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    Rohit and Dhawan best opening batsman....

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    Pls invite MSD then see it will be ur most viewed video. 💯💯

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    Friend ship forever

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    Bring rohit and virat

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    Shikhar is a gem of a person! Typical West Delhi accent.

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    Rohit k arm injured h

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    Bowler ka to main sunta hi nahin, keeper se puchhta hu bhai kya sahi hai kya galat hai 😇

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