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Teenage dino ko phir se jeene k liye, mien layi hun aap sab k liye ye amazing video. Jisse dekh kar aap bhi apne purane samay ko yaad karenge aur relate bhi karenge. Toh comment kar k bataiye mujhe bataye are you a teenager or adult ?
Produced By : SpiceUp Media
Creative Head : Shruti Anand
Directed By : Vikram Choudhary
Scripted By : Akanksha Borkar
DOP : Dev , Deepak Mathuriya
Assistant Cameraman - Yash Sahu
Edited By : Shubham Raj Verma & Rahul Singh
VFX- Tushar Panchal
Graphic Designer - Aslam Siddiquee
Presented By : Shruti Anand
Co - Actors :Manvi Ruhela,Suraj Baliyan, Priyanka Devnath, Jeetu Shri Yadav, Rita, Sonu Gupta,Rupam.
Channel Coordinator : Akanksha Borkar
Shoot Coordinator - Sonu Gupta
Support Staff : Sagar, Manoj, Rita
Social Media : Danish Khan & Tushar Shrivastava

Casting Agency: a.sproductionca...​
Powered By: spiceupmedia.com​
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