Nakki Maru Bike Aave | નક્કી મારુ બાઈક આવે | Amdavadi Man | Gujju Comedy Birthday


Nakki Maru Bike Aave , નક્કી મારુ બાઈક આવે , Amdavadi Man , Gujju Comedy Birthday.
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Performed By:
Parth Parmar
[ whoparthyo]
Jatin Prajapati
[ jatinprajap...]
Kushal Mistry
[ kushalmistr...]
Urvish Darji
Concept ,Written : Team AmdavadiMan
Videoshoot & Edit : Maulik Mistry Films
[ maulikmistryfilms]
Thumbnail - GD EDIT
[ harsh.panchal1]
BGM : Kushal Mistry
[ kushalmistryofficial]
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Mr.Deep Purohit :8733802828.
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