TVF's Aspirants | Web Series | Episode 4 | Plan B Kya Hai?


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UPSC is one of the toughest exams in the world with a success rate of less than 1%. As an Aspirant, you can’t ignore the fact that you might not crack it. Abhilash realizes this after talking to SK and Guri, they tell him everyone needs a Plan B. On the other hand, he is also being pressured by his company to end his sabbatical and join again. What will Abhilash do now? What will be his Plan B?
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This examination season, we bring you the story of three friends who reunite to tell us all about UPSC: Pre... Mains... Aur Life.
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Unacademy & The Viral Fever presents ASPIRANTS - A TVF Original Series.
Created by: Arunabh Kumar & Shreyansh Pandey
Directed by: Apoorv Singh Karki
Written by: Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish
Produced by: Arunabh Kumar
Executive Producers: Vijay Koshy, Shreyansh Pandey, Arun Kumar
Supervising Producers: Haider Ali, Joshna Bhat
Associate Director: Himali Shah
D.O.P: Georgy John, Arjun Kukreti
Editor: Tushar Manocha
Music: Rohit Sharma
Background Score: Tusshar Mallek
Head of Post Production: Gaurav Rungta
Production Designer: Beeva Mahajan
Costume Stylist: Yashika Kakkar
Casting: Ashish Khare, Shiv Chouhan
Sound Design: Pranit Purao
Special Mention: Nilotpal Bora for Dhaaga
Music at the Bar: Love U More By Riley & TOMOS
Publishers: Soundcast Music
UPSC fact #91: Satyendra worked as a clerk in the excise department, his marriage was arranged with Aarti. But Aarti ran away a night before their wedding because she found out that she had cleared the PCS exam. Satyendra who was initially heartbroken worked really hard and became an IAS officer. Eventually, Aarti came back into his life and they got married.
PS: It’s a True Story.
-Description Guy.
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    Season Finale Goes live on Saturday, 8th May 12 Noon

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    Aaj time bohot slow jara hai yaar



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    Thanks TVF ......10 m v ho jayenge ...believe in yourself

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    Do not end this series

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    Community pe post kar dete..Views badhane k liye yaha de diya

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    Gotta wait another 3days 😴

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    ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

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    Sandeep Bhya ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

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    Please make series like this on CA Aspirants also 😊

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    Imagine a series where we see jeetu bhaiya and sandeep bhaiya together

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    The best character is Sandeep bhaiya in this series.

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    Nilotpal Bora from Assam... Itna accha ga rahe hai sir... What a voice...Dhagaa

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    Y cant a strong man nt be a drinker or smoker...y man nt all ma drink or smoke....?????

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    Just shows that Abhilash is a cold blooded, competitive, highly pragmatic individual. A person who can fake his whole approach towards life can do anything

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    " Yeh Dil Chahta hai chal rahi hai. Mein Saif Ali khan hu na " - class dialogue

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    Sandeep bhaiya = jitu bhaiya🙌

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    Sandeep bhiya is true gem of this series

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    Are koi in sabko awards do yr..... they deserve....

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    Love you TVF team. This series touched my heart. It reminds me of my CA journey. All Characters were well played. Special appreciation for Sandeep bhaiya and Abhilash. Hats Off Guys.👍

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    Sandeep bhaiya is not just a character he is an emotion ❤️

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    28:48 what an amazing acting man!!!! Killed it!!

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    Sandeep Bhaiyaa...Man of the series♥️

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    Fact in description is story of Shaadi mein jaroor aana

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    48:04 feel this pain when no one is around you after result 😥,

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    Guys it doesn't matter if you are an aspirant or doing preparation for any govt competitive exams, just recommend this web series to your friends... If you want motivation and ideas you must watch this series.

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    Sandeep bhai character. Wow

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    @13:42 *SK :- Yeh dil chahta hai chal rahi aur main saif ali khan hoon naa!!!* 😂😂

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    This scene touch my soul❤️

  • Touhid Aktar
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    "PLAN B IS FOR LOOSERS"❤️❤️❤️ Wah,what a line!!!

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    why you break up

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    Kon hai be chupk se dekh ke nikal liye.... subscribe maro😪😢 next episode dekhna hai ❤️😞

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  • Shrutik Pandya
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    Story of boy belong to middle class, in the beginning -was full of negative impact and hopeless situation but firmly believe nd decided to take the time for action n find positive in negativity, self motivated, find basic points nd tried to change it for the people, family n friends And firmly, believe that Things can be work subconscious mind to consciousness..... "Seize the Glory" To tke d opportunity to do something now without the worry for the future with context to story

  • Gopi Patel
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    Oh Man ! What a soulful song - dhaga ..🙌 brilliant acting..

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    Sandeep bhaiya is emotion❤️🥺 ... Just can't describe his character...

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    Alarm sounds was like a goosebumps

  • Himanshu Medhi
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    I don't get it why Abhilash and Dhairya break up ?

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    30:53 The Song you are looking for.

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    The last scene..the characters ...the rain and the haunting voice of Nilotpol Bora....Goosebumps

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    Sk- upsc nhi hua toh kya kruga mere paas kaam bhi nhi hai na koi. Me👇 Mere papa nhi hai mai kya kruga Agar nhi upsc hua toh tell me plzz anyone😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😓😓😓😥😥😥😪

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    So many emotions cant thank enough tvf for this gem of a series❤❤

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    "Plan B is for losers." 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Everyone is gaga over Sunny Ahuja and Naveen kasturia, but we can't overlook what a class act Shivankit is. This man deserves bigger and more well written role. Sala jaan daal deta hai koi vi role ho.

  • Jay Malviya
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    Kota factory : Jeetu bhaiya Aspirants : Sandeep bhaiya characters are different, emotions and soul is same as an indian middle class boy❤️❤️💯

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    why sandeep bhaiya drinking and smoking

    NOSTARSघंटे पहले

    sandeep bhaiya is legend

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    Roti Chheen ke Coaching to na hogi Mujhse.. ~Sandeep Bhayya

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    This video make me cry..

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    This series must have huge wardrobe budget... I have been counting no of sweaters this guy has... unrealistic ( agreed he is employed and has savings etc but so many sweaters) LOL

  • bismah ahmed
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    Boys can cry too, express their emotions...Abhilash has his friends but Sandeep Bhaiya is all alone

  • Pushpendra Kumar
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    love it

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    MATHS walo ke liye 'KOTA FACTORY' BIO walo ke liye 'OPERATION MBBS' ARTS walo ke liye 'ASPIRANTS' AUR COMMERCE walo ke liye '???????????????????????????

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    Pure realistic..🙏🏻🙏🏻♥️♥️

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    Guri ki acting ❤️

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    बिना धैर्या जैसे लोगो को छोड़े कुछ बड़ा नही किया जा सकता,यही बात कौटिल्य ने चंद्रगुप्त को भी कहा था।मुश्किल है,पर यही सच है।

  • Priyanshi Singh
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    Is it only me or anyone else . Idkw i feel that he is indian version pf Sheldon from bbt. 😂

  • Anand M
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    आर्थिक स्थीती ठीक ना हमारी... हात में सिगारेट और हात में ग्लास ये कूछ ज्यादा हो गया😂😂..बाकी series जबरदस्त

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    31:15 why did u added that song?

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    90% fake 😒

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    Sandeep Bhaiya is actually Ftii graduated 😅😅😅

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    Such an emotional video,, u guyz not just played ur role, u really lived in ur character.

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    20:25 deeppp🥲❤️

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    कमाल के actors हैं यार ❤️

  • Gulshan Chaudhary
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    41:50 बेचैन रातें, भारी भारी दिल, जगी आँखें हर-एक में पागलपन है! ये नन्हे सपने, बोझ से लदे दिमागों में पनपने की हिम्मत कर ही लेते हैं! धूप का टुकड़ा अँधेरे सोये कमरों में उम्मीद जगाकर लौट जाता है, सीलन की गंध याद दिलाती है... यहाँ तुम्हारा कोई नहीं, सिर्फ अकेलापन है सपने, धूप, गंध हर-एक में पागलपन है, ये पागलपन ही तो है, जो हर-एक को हर-एक से जोड़ता है हम थके नहीं है, हम रुके नहीं है, हम बेजान नहीं हुए अभी तक... क्योंकि हर-एक में पागलपन है...क्योंकि हर-एक में पागलपन है !

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    Background music...classsss yaar..

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    47:38 😞😞

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    Can anybody send the last my what's app

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    Only one word for sandip bhaiya... You are gem 💎💎.

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    Why no one is talking about Dhairya here ? She is really a positive girl

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    No matter which profession you are into, we can all relate to Sandeep Bhaiya's life. What a man!!🤗

  • jyoti rani
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    I am also net aspirant . It's all about my story......aisa lag rha h jaise m hi hu isme❤️

  • Vikas Suryan
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    Back here after season finale just to watch Sandeep Bhaiya at 47:39

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    Agar dhairya se pyar saccha karta th ye nhi bolta tu ki Agar mene upsc clear kr li th hmari relationship age nhi jayegi

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    My goosebumps tell everything

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  • Aman
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    Plan B is for losers.means you r not100% sure to clear upsc .if u r 100% sure that u can clear upsc...then there is no need of plan B .and if u r not 100% sure to clear upsc u cant clear this exam..upsc need 100% confidence

  • abhishek Singh
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    Isko dekhney k baad nepotism heavy ho rha hai

    PARITOSH BANSAL3 घंटे पहले

    Hi @tvf. This is one of the best web series I've ever watched. Hands down. Thankyou. Specially episode 4.

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    dil chata hai reference .......

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    Sandeep bhaiya... financially weak then why dont stop smoking??????

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    ✅ emotion and motivation

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    Liked the series but not the future characters... should have been more focused on aspirants struggle..rather than showing the love story /friendship in future .

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    Sandeep Bhaiya is emotion

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    Is Dhairya and Abhilash both failed in the exam

  • Resurgam
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    31:01 is this original song? we still have great lyricists while bollywood is going on with trash music!

  • Stuti Choudhary
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    Those 10k people who disliked this have a really bad taste.🙂😂😂