Yuzvendra Chahal X Dhanashree Wedding Film | DhanaSaidYuz


We are extremely happy to be sharing our beautiful moments with you guys :)
We really hope this video makes your day and leaves a smile on your faces
Marriage is a beautiful bond of beautiful souls coming together, all we got to say is that love each other, understand and respect each other. Life is truly beautiful
Dhana & Yuzi.
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Wedding planned by: Allegiant Events
Sangeet choreography: Happy Dancing Feet & Kartik Mohan Productions
Shot by: The Wedding Story
Decor: Design HQ
Super thankful to the team
The wedding story, I’m so happy with this film❤️🙏🏻
Allegiant Events: you’ll are best In the Industry and I’m so very grateful


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    If yuzi is not an Indian cricket player... Dhanasree is able to marry him...

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    Hey Dhanashree Love from Bangalore 🥰 I am a huge fan of your dance and passion! I wish u dance for a kannada song❤ And also I wish I can collab with you! I wish that happens really soon ✌

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    Hello Dhannu d!....I really loved your dance u r a great dancer...i want to learn from u ...its my dream...Myself-Meghansh Bhatter

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