The LADAKH Tent | World’s 1st Solar Heated Military Tent | Made in India | Sonam Wangchuk

विज्ञान और तकनीक

for #indianarmy at #galwanvalley
+15 C at 10pm. Minimum outside last night was -14 C,
Uses only sunlight, water and insulated layers to maintain temperature.
Replaces tons of kerosene fuel, pollution, emission and #climatechange.
Designed for 8 to 10 soldiers, it is fully portable for difficult terrains. Each part weighs less than 30 Kgs.
#MadeInIndia #MadeInLadakh #CarbonNeutral
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    Thank you all for the immense interest n great response... I'll answer some of your frequently asked questions... Q. Is the tent like a vegetable green house? A. No, vegetable green houses generally go to +40 C in the day and minus 7 C at night, if you don't use artificial heating. This tent would stay between + 12 to + 25 C. But yes, if they wish, the soldiers CAN grow fresh greens for themselves in the solar lounge. Q. Is there enough oxygen in the tent for 10? A. We're testing...! if artifial ventilation is needed, we'll install a heat recovery ventilation system. Q. B what about backup heat in case of no sun and what about snow load...? A. It doesn't snow much in Ladakh n generally its v sunny. In case of long cloudy weather there'll be a standby kerosene boiler that will heat the water in the heat bank wall. So no risk of fire inside. Q. Is the whole tent less than 30 Kgs? A. No, Each part weighs less than 30 kgs for portability.

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    🙏 Gr8! R & D Professor by you & Ur Team! As Usual always Solutions Seeker. 👍 Best wishes 4 Future innovation, Prof Any Plan to Mass Produce it For exports Commercially, apart from Full Filling Army Requirements???

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    @Nikhalesh jain then in that case Bhai Water Cooler is Best 😀 now pls don't say Iss se Bijli Ka bill badta hai😀👍

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    Hi sir, since we are dependent of solar power or hear power, we can have solar heaters or heaters which charge from solar Power which can be used in any Norma tents?

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    very nice sir.

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    @Swfdd Sxdx bhai aapne sir ki baat ko galat mat lo kyunki sir sirf global warming se environment ko honewale nuksaan ko rokna chahte hai..

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    Govmt ko to mandir aur statue banwaane hain ... Ye sab to bekaar hai gvmt ke liye

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    धन्य हैं आप सोनम जी.शर्म आती है मुझे अपने आप पर कि मैं कुछ भी नहीं कर रहा हूं अपने देश के लिये. मेरा कर्तव्य बनता है कि मैं अपने देश के लिये कुछ करूं न कि देश मेरे लिये कुछ करे- मेजर ध्यानचंद.

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    Salutations to you Jai Bharat

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    Watching from Nepal

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    Great invantation sir👍 congratulations 🙏

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    Grt work sir proud of u

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    You are the real hero....I salute you are great great great...

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    It's a very innovative and clever engineering solution. I am having concerns regarding how this video is public and can fall into the hands of the enemy hands enabling them to could use similar technology for their soldiers which puts our arm on a difficult situation

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    ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, Dec. 8, 2010) -- The U.S. Army is evaluating a host of flexible, portable, lightweight solar-powered shades and tent-like technologies.

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