I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened


I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft. Sponsored by Dragon City!
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Modpack Used:
Fast Zombies:
Slow Zombies:
Inspired By Luke TheNotable:
Edited by Wisefish:
Covert, Kittyrules, PapiCats, Shinigami, Torp & Canniestbarrel for help with the map!
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#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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Edited By WiseFish:


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    Laughs in floating dirt hut and bucket of water

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    I didn’t get it 😭

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    In honor of all pets that disappeared here, every time I play Minecraft I will make a mob farm for each mob in Minecraft and I will make an iron golem shrine and snail shrine

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    Hey guys, I like your videos, just subscribed ;) is that Zombie Apocalypse a mod or something ? Sorry I'm lost

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    During the blood moon the zombies sounded like rain in the uk during a storm

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    "i almost died" gets hit 4 times and loses 2 hearts lol

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    33 hours of gameplay, surviving zombies. 😳

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    I'm just saying, the Iron Golems werent very helpful, lol

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    Throughout the video I was thinking Why not make a quick sand pit?

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    I love zombie hole 1.0 and 2.0 and zombie hole 3.0, hope there's a zombie hole 4.0❤❤

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    I love zombie hole 2.0 And you are a REALLY good minecraft player

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    I love zombie hole 3.0

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    People trying to count zombie deaths zombie hole 3.o 😑😑😑 I give up

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    Hat would I do at day 90? Build a tower made of obsidian. Hard to break and if I build high enough I can give myself food, and live up there for the last few days. I can knock off any zombies that came for me if they could build, also put lava around the edge, it’s high enough that the zombies will die before they can climb up to me

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    I love zombie hole 2.0

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    Forge labs gets horded by zombies:perfect time for a sponser

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    oooo yeah

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    You should've dug and lived underground to wait out the first night.

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    you should have made high ground and break the laws of phisiscs

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    why the fuck do you keep saying man i dont get it

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    ''Why do I keep doing this stuff" so irritating

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    I know it's not related well kinda but this makes me wanna play some dead rising..

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    I played horror games for 100 days and here’s what happened I got nightmares

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    Why not just make a sky base?

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    Zombie Hole 3.0 *yes*

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    5:36 ok 420

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    "59:40" why not lava walls?

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    man igor was useless as hell

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    I gave up after counting about 1063 zombies 😂

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    When this came in my recommendation, I never expected I would see the whole thing

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    Just place more torches you ever see a chunk with a torch on every block?

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    take a shot every time he says "man" or "men"

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    golems rip :(

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    6:06 that is basically what I always see at night when I'm throwing trash Either they are cats, racoons or things that is probably should not be named

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    i love zombie hole 3.0

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    It’s hilarious how he’s acting so defeated and upset like it’s actually happening

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    Part 2

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    Why would you not make an exp farm? .-.

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    he told us once he doesnt really know how it works and tried it a lot

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    he must've killed at least more than a thousand zombies.

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    A roughly you killed about 1650000 zombies indays 30

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    just build up man...

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    Where can I buy this mod I can’t become a patron supporter so can I just buy it in a way which directly supports you?

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    *Niki and Lolbit*

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    the mods are in the description! only the map is patreon support only^^ hope i could help

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    i like how he panicked, even though he could've just surrounded himself in dirt.

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    Which mod are adding the weapons and whats the texturepack ?

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    The fast and slow zombie packs, do I get both for the experience that we see on screen? (Every 10 days they get stronger)

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    you should do this mode but go to the nether or do like a 100 days and the nether but every day you leave the portal it wont count

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    A quicksand more would help you

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    Am I the only one that thinks that the zombie hole is probably a pro strat when trying to survive a horde?

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    when he went in his house and saw the zombie i dropped my plate down X_X i got jumpscared

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    Credit to the men who recorded the walking dead. It must have been a pain.

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    Best zombie movie I've ever seen

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    yo anyone know the name of the music used at 1:34:42? if anyone can leave a reply with the name of it that would be appreciated.

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    This is actually pretty cool. I really like this, instead of regular Minecraft, you have zombies! I also love how you voice over the vid, it's very clever👏👍

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    Is it possible to play this with friends

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    When you made the zombie hole 3.0 I tought of making is really deep, so that zombies would die from fall damage and cause less lag/fps drop. But hey, lava pit is also good.

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    THIS IS SOOO GOOD!! i had a heart attack on day 99 when i heard the zombie noises

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    200 days please

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    I love how he called the squid an octopus ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

  • Pr0t0typ3
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    Please remember I can only count on-screen kills Zombie kills: 2 with a wooden sword 1 with a tree 3 with a stone sword 4 with a stone saber 1 with an iron axe 118 with an iron saber 2 with an iron hammer 1 with some quicksand 12 with a steel rapier 104 with lava (zombie hole 3.0) 1 with iron golems 35 with lava 21 with a bow 7 with lava (Noteblock trap) 1 with TNT (suicide) Total zombie deaths: 311 Special deaths: Grandma kelly The entire forgelabs family (9 members) 4 Hanging Men Matatutu First manz to enter the compound Egor 1 & Egor 2 Miss Snail Angry bunker chicken Total deaths: 331

  • Pr0t0typ3


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    @*Niki and Lolbit* about 2 hours and a half lol

  • *Niki and Lolbit*

    *Niki and Lolbit*

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    damn how long took that o-o

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    Tip: if you put a trapdoor and open it mobs fall in it because they think it is a block

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    Man I love your videos

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    Imagine playing this with the homies like 9 of the bois on a Friday night all the way to Sunday night and it’s day 100 and everyone gears up for the final fight bro shit would be fire