Forging POSEIDON'S TRIDENT Out of Rusty Hook

This time I'm Forging POSEIDON'S TRIDENT Out of Rusty Chain Hook, it was very tough to forge rusty chain hook into Trident's shape. Watch out the whole video you'll enjoy it. If you like the video must share with your friends who might be interested. Also share your opinions in comment section.
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    Don't forget to enchant it with riptide or loyalty!

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    its not a waste if it looks good

  • Chris Barrett
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    You barely forged anything, almost the entire shape of the trident was cut and ground.

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    Old man smith is a old man black smith who maked beautiful creations...

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    Do not forge trident in inauspicious time and do not forge trident with wrong dimensions and wrong attachments and teeth. It will bring severe bad luck that you may not escape.. and probably you even wouldn't know why your life turned upside down ( because Western people have no knowledge about powerful trident).. take care buddy... Hope you understand... Never point trident towards humans never point it upside down it should always face the sky.. trident carries enormous energy nobody should mess with it and it's better left alone near any temple...

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    This man is the real mincraft player

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    10:55 - как будто у стоматолога побывал. 😱

  • KuhLeeNuh
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    The Anvil part is pretty awesome! But what would it be like to see the Anvil land on the hook????

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    Hy i from Indonesia

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    Now enchant it for riptide

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    Me looks at this Me looks at my cardboard cut out of a sword Me:faints Him:I am the best weapon maker out there don’t u ever challenge me again

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    This guy would murder the other contestants in forged in fire.

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    Can you do Artemis's bow with this stuff ples

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    OMG I love greek stuff so this is a win win! So good!

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    His crafts are always so shiny and i like it

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    This guy forging someting from scrap and I can't even imagine how long it took to edit this video

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    He wasn't kidding when he said Poseidon's Trident. Okay, now sell it for a million dollars.

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    Hahahaha LOL🔱🔱

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    He said to hit the bell icon or else he will hit us with this trident 🤣🤣🤣 lol

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    Alot of your vids are satisfying

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    The guy the Greek Gods have been searching for... They're afraid he would forge a weapon to take them down....

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    Подари тризуб він мені понравився

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    صلاة على النبي ♥️

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    "now what"

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    this is something u would watch at 1 am

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    Not trying to be a hater but I feel like since it's threaded like that I feel like In battle it might be weak and break at the threads idk but really nice trident otherwise !

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    Poseidon has liked this video*

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    Finally se van craft they trident

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    At this point he can craft a car with a quarter

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    0:41 there’s no way this can be a trident 4:00 oh my bad

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    3010 : forging a country out of a rusty chain

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    Everybody gangsta until the trident start shooting lightning out of it

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    hey old smith im a bit late but what if you went back your oldest videos and recrate one of the progects you did :)

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    Today i realize how in Minecraft that trident guy make trident for us🙂 from today I'll appreciate his death🙂

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    If you will give me a chance to ask a question, then my question is, Is it illegal to make a weapon when not telling to the government or weapon government whatsoever???

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    I really like how he makes a TRIDENT

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