I Spent 100 Days In One Block Minecraft And Here's What Happened...


In This Video I Spent 100 Days In Minecraft One Block SkyBlock, My Goal Was To Defeat The Ender Dragon, I Hope You Enjoyed. Smash Like For 200 Days!
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    200 DAYS IS OUT! : inlongs.info/cold/l6eIfWuFoWajh5k/v-iy.html

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    Upload again

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    There was a chicken in the spawner because baby zombies can spawn on them.

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    I feel o bad 7.7 million views and onlya couple hundred thoustan

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    Just so you know, the ender dragon died because you had thorns on your armor

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    20:13 Don't say anything, don't do anything, just watch.

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    I love your vids keep it up 👍

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    The definition of the meme chaotic calm is this guys whole life lol

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    U sound like dan tdm

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    this thumbnail makes no sense, day one shows phantoms when you need at least 3 days of no sleep

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    Why did you kill Terry

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    NO NOT THE FOX!!!!

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    My little brother’s name is Patrick oof

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    Best thing for One block only. Make a giant farm for ur dog and food😋 make the one block and have lava near it build anything cause I’m out of ideas

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    Why does he remind me of Dantdm like 5-6 years ago

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    One of the funniest 100 days I’ve seen

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    I love Dave because that’s my cats name uhm he’s a tree- if you don’t understand he ded okay-

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    5:24 suicidal enderman

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    Where can I find the map/mod?

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    i want to play sone block minercraft too

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    I love watching minecraft vids from new youtubers but they always have a annoying voice or bad commentary so before every video I say "pls dont be annoying" 3 times 1:30 in and I am already subbed

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    “instant conetion”

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    You and gemitay sort of did the same thing

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    I sub for I want more 100 days content

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    the end 101 days

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    The chicken from the mob spawner is from baby zombie on a chicken

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    i got mending for 1 emerald on may first trade !!!.

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    Ice bear and panda wear there Wheres grizz?

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    Yo guys, is this like a server or what because I would love to play, great video btw.

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    200 days

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    The name of the fairy thing is a vex

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    What texture pack do you use

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    Your voice volume is killing me during your commentary

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    you had thorns oon thats why

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    S-squares-- *gasps in WadZee*

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    Keep some iron golems to protect you from some mobs

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    That enderman was so nice

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    Ended dragon died because of your thorns 😂

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    Man can you say me what texture pack is this and how to download it plz

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    What’s the shader?

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    I am pretty sure that you had thorns on your armor and that was what killed the dragon

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    I just realized I watched a 30 minute video

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    You’re not in hot come on

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    What is your shaders I am trying to find a good one.

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    My names Adam😌

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    He sounds like DANTDM

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    You didn’t survive for the whole 100 days nice clickbait

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    I subscribed after this

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    You do know how to use a trident right?

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    How are you eating stew? Isnt it a liquid?

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    Day one: (happy) day 41: ( complete death and destruction with intense music) day 90 : (same as 41)

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    Poor squi I mean ruth lol

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    Those fairys are called VEX

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    the way your talking about the animals you sound like Wheatley from portzl2

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    Your a master biulder😮😮😮😮

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    When you saved the panda and the polar bear I thought of the cartoon “We Bare Bears”

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    You can't take the egg, idk why but it will teleport somewhere else if you click it. Pushing it with a piston works

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    What server

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    the sun looked weird

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    I don’t smile often but when you made a pool for the turtles and fishes that made me smile thank you for that

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    Kolanii: yeah got protection C, kinda decent Me with protection one: that’s good enough

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    “Jump like dream then broke my legs”

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    Rip fox rip buster the bee and chonker the panda 2021

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    First hostile mob elder guardian Second hostile mob vex

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    can we have the link to the one block map

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    Mynamesjeffidiot sdie

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    Day 57 the trees look so look so look ok cooooool

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    So funny got to work min got to work min

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    Lol I would forget where the special block is!

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    "Squidward..I mean uhm Ruth"

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    His oneblock is better than my whole minecraft house😂😂🤣🥲

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    U copi ed

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    What kind of mod, modpack, pluggin is this? I can't find some good skyblock.

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    So they were just sort of slapping me. XD NICE ONE!!!!!! That's funny.

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    mush soup from a cow... what are we eating from that? Their...... Ew nope....

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    2:08 what are you doing step pig

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    When bob moved his head, he marked me die of laughing

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    The angry fairies are actually the tooth fairy that just has a day off (Vex)

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    9:29 Entertainment in entertainment

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    People don’t seem to respect traders.

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    The ender dragon died by thorns

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    Name your skeleton horse melvan

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    25:40 villagers switch trades until you buy something they sell

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    I think the dragon died of your thorns armour

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