How I fixed her phone! 😂


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    I hate you 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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    У чины спиздил

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    Why people like this shit

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    왤케 행복해보이냐

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    We have the same last name

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    That's why tik tok ban in india

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    Lol tats setup liyer

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    Theris no may ve can se

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    Lop yo bos yek kau

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    Thanks for 30 subscribe 🙏

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    Ese wey me cae re mal 😒

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    And it’s also a fake brick😛😝

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    She already know .

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    I love How everyone isn' talking How the brick isn't heavy .

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    She saw him switched it

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    He thinks he is all that

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    Hej part2

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    he’s the type of guy to put sugar under his pillow and thing he will have sweet dreems

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    Learn how to spell then come for him😂 btw nicki said stay in school and you obviously didn’t 😂💀.

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    Guys it’s fake right before he hits it you can see him slide over to the cracked screen so she would’ve easily noticed it

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    It's not funny

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    Wow 😂😂😂😂😂😚❤️👍👍😎💖

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    Jelek gak sulam

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    Itu tidak benar boong

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    PART 2 👍

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    The woman freaked out so bad lol

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    Bruh he literally scrolled and she looked at him changing it

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    I also do with my father 👨

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    wow so much real

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    I dont know who is dumb, the girl, the one who made the video or the million people who liked this cringe

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    Фуфло а не видео

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    Не. Но вижу. Тебя

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    I hate the way you talk

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    Fake brick

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    Yea a brick don’t sound like that

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    There's no way we can see the reflection of the phone when it's cracked🤔🤣

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    Ur voice is disturbing

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    like she didn’t see you switch the photos and bro she was “using” the phone

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    i hate him

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    I just cant understand how 1.3 million people like this


    Part 2 please

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    Lo que tú tu video nene

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    How in the fucking world is there a part two

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    Hes the type of guy who eats meatballs without meat

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    But the crack looks so fake.

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    She dont know to act🤣🤣 lol

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    Now I know the reason why the thanos want to destroy the world

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    Your brithness🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    The morgz of magic

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    Maksud gw kan gini ya biasanya orang kalo bolongin benda ya sabun tapi ini kok pake batu bata kok bar bar banget🤣🤣

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    Hes the type of guy who records himself and records himself with another phone

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    So good acting 😏

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    Teri aisi ki taisi 😐

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    Ustedes piensan que eso es real de huawei

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    Fjfjgjggjgkvjvj Gracias por qué

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    I have that back ground . But cool trick

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    Where is your hospital?

  • chien dao
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    Are you die??

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    Good molodec 💪

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    You just a cheater I unfollowed

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    Anureet kaur roll no 3

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    Look if a kid saw that he will try to do it soo its bad

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    if you watch Closely ull notice that he changed the prc infront of her

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    No ones laughing

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    Haaaaa weeee gaaaaaa Lets do this

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    Free two one

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    It's OK it's like you grabbed the thing and you smashed it through the girl's phone but you showed us the we call it on the screaming boy it's squeezing but it when you hit it it turned on other side I feel it was real so good job

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    lmao a brink ain’t that easy to pick up

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    Dad:"A good magician never reveals its secrets" me: oh I understand now

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