IPL super six competition| watch who's the real hero?


Watch the madness👌


  • Sunny Dhaliwal
    Sunny Dhaliwalमहीने पहले

    Thisara Parera Best Batsman and bowler 💓

  • Nadun Sasmitha
    Nadun Sasmithaमहीने पहले

    5:50 captions: wtf........

  • Himanshu Dangwal
    Himanshu Dangwalमहीने पहले

    Everyone is a legend untill dhoni came with helicopter 🔥🔥🔥

  • Himanshu Dangwal
    Himanshu Dangwalमहीने पहले

    Just imagine if there is a six competition between Gayle , yuvraj , ab de Villiers, Kohli , dhoni and Andre Russel it will be fun

  • saurabh marathe 40
    saurabh marathe 40महीने पहले

    5:49 Lund mera its 100 at least.. . People who are familiar with wankhede knows that

  • Collection world
    Collection worldमहीने पहले

    Ultra legends watching this Video in March 2021🤣

    ASAD SHAIKHमहीने पहले

    Pls bring back this bowling machine super sixes

  • Keshav Vashisht
    Keshav Vashishtमहीने पहले

    Ross taylor with 98m not 95🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Tushar Jiwatode
    Tushar Jiwatodeमहीने पहले

    Mega ultra extra super legends watching the video in March 2021 😂😂😂

  • Vinayreddy
    Vinayreddyमहीने पहले

    That day virat is watching now entire world is watching virat batting

  • Atharva Bhosale
    Atharva Bhosaleमहीने पहले

    Want this compitetion start again in ipl

  • Atharva Bhosale
    Atharva Bhosaleमहीने पहले

    Those were days when Miller was in killer form🔥⚡

  • Jayanta Mahato
    Jayanta Mahatoमहीने पहले

    Real hero hamara fagi hai 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Sharath Bhoopal
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    Legends watching this video in March 2021

  • Clement A
    Clement Aमहीने पहले

    No one cares about the poor girl with torn dress!!!

  • Abhishek Patel
    Abhishek Patelमहीने पहले

    Star wale aesa kuchh nhi karate.

  • deepak patil
    deepak patilमहीने पहले

    That CSK was way better Opening from vijay-hussey then raina then badrinath then bravo,dhoni,morkal Really Destroying Line up

  • Prithvijit Mukherjee
    Prithvijit Mukherjeeमहीने पहले

    Missing this super sixes and Karbonn kamal catch in IPL...old ipl was better

  • shahid khan
    shahid khanमहीने पहले

    Aftidi 110

  • MadHouseNetwork
    MadHouseNetworkमहीने पहले

    2:26 Commentator: Why are you in full gear to face tennis ball? Yusuf Pathan: I'm used to it else I can't play

  • Shubham Kasera
    Shubham Kaseraमहीने पहले

    Do they realy need gloves and pad for tennis ball

  • I am not a Cat
    I am not a Catमहीने पहले

    All chutiyay except Russell

  • Gabbar Chauhan
    Gabbar Chauhanमहीने पहले

    That smile of Albie❤️

  • Nikhil Gawade
    Nikhil Gawadeमहीने पहले


    RKC REACTIONमहीने पहले

    Ind vs eng 3rd t20

  • Alok Rajak
    Alok Rajakमहीने पहले


    ALPHA MALEमहीने पहले

    105 morkel

  • Akhand Bharat
    Akhand Bharatमहीने पहले

    L b morkol बिग hitter

  • Baldeep Birak
    Baldeep Birakमहीने पहले

    What about Yuvraj and Dhoni?

  • Sourav Dandapat
    Sourav Dandapatमहीने पहले

    These are nostalgia ❤️❤️

  • Abdullah Al Rashad
    Abdullah Al Rashadमहीने पहले

    Andre Russell

  • Robby Morning
    Robby Morningमहीने पहले

    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew 16:26 [KJV]) >=== === ===< And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27 [KJV])

  • Dank
    Dankमहीने पहले

    2:32 helmet on tennis ball lmao

  • jawad randhawa
    jawad randhawaमहीने पहले

    Legends ultra pro are seeing this video in march 2021..

  • THE CRAZY scientist
    THE CRAZY scientistमहीने पहले

    Ultra legends watch my channel

    Ganesh OFFICIAL YOU TUPE CHANNELमहीने पहले

    Only one indian player Jadeja playing other are other countries players sixers

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dudeमहीने पहले

    March noob

  • libin babu
    libin babuमहीने पहले

    Commentators name please...

  • shubham keshri
    shubham keshriमहीने पहले

    I am here for Albie Morkel six only..

  • Yadhu Krishna 50
    Yadhu Krishna 50महीने पहले

    Morkel on fire 🔥

  • Muhammad Saif
    Muhammad Saifमहीने पहले

    Ultra legend seeing in march...

  • Satish Ambati
    Satish Ambatiमहीने पहले

    ultar legends seeing in this video march 2021

  • Owais Tazeemtarak
    Owais Tazeemtarakमहीने पहले

    CSK Zindabad



    महीने पहले

    Only MSD

  • TheMarvellous Thor
    TheMarvellous Thorमहीने पहले

    We need it back!

  • narendra gupta
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  • narendra gupta
    narendra guptaमहीने पहले


  • Yash G
    Yash Gमहीने पहले

    00:01 I know where you all are looking

  • Aryan Barua

    Aryan Barua

    महीने पहले

    Sushmita sen ig

  • Aryan Barua

    Aryan Barua

    महीने पहले

    Who was the girl

  • Super Viral Indian Tik tok
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    Legends are seen this video in 2021 march

  • Hector Legend
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    Extra legends are watching this in March - April 2021

  • Pz Rehan
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    And HD legends watching this video in 2021 march

  • Hammer Thor
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    Legends watching this now 😉

  • Nahid Alam
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    I lv comentry

  • subrat mallick
    subrat mallickमहीने पहले

    Can any 1 tell me the name of bowling machine

  • Raghav
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    March 2021

  • Tech Dikshant
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    Legend seeing the video in March 2021

  • Pradeep R
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    Csk for life❤

  • Ajin Nandanam
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    Legends seeing this video on march

  • Elaya Bharathi
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    Ultra legends seeing this in 2021 in march 🤙

  • Sujeet Sharma
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    Legends seeing this vedio in March 2021🔥

  • YouTube RANA
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    "Life give you 100 reason to cry" Show life that you have a 1000 reason To smile

  • shaik_4005
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    Csk ⚡

  • Insane Gaming
    Insane Gamingमहीने पहले

    Who is waiting for DHONI six

  • Saber Maqavi
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  • Sudip Aryal
    Sudip Aryalमहीने पहले

    Legends are waiting for hardik pandya and kieron pollard💜💜

  • Ezhil Ezhil
    Ezhil Ezhilमहीने पहले

    Any watch in 2021 March

  • Ganesh talks
    Ganesh talksमहीने पहले

    i think 2021 ipl was hitting season

  • Abhijeet Rathod
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    Legends seeing this video in 2021 march

  • Liton Hossain
    Liton Hossainमहीने पहले

    Legends seeing thi March 2021

  • Dinesh Surve
    Dinesh Surveमहीने पहले

    If Pollard was invited instead of Dwayne Smith..then it could have been tough battle

  • Periyasamy C
    Periyasamy Cमहीने पहले

    Only ultra legends seeing this video march 2021

  • Arjun
    Arjunमहीने पहले

    you see that commentator shouting here we go

  • Prakash Suna
    Prakash Sunaमहीने पहले

    Old is gold csk All time favorite😍

  • Mr Noob Gaming
    Mr Noob Gamingमहीने पहले

    Meanwhile gayle and shahid afridi saying these kids need training man

  • Knowledge & Education
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    Legends are watching this before IPL 2021

    NIKHIL VERMAमहीने पहले

    Ipl should get back these things

  • Om Asati
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    Legends seeing this video in 2021 In March

  • Aimashkawari V
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    Boom boom afridi 👍❤️

  • Aman Rai
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    And ultra legends seeing this video in 2021 march

  • rama sinde
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    Ultra legends see in march 2021

  • Brahma Pemmadi
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    Left hand power

  • siam jubair
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    97 times seeing 2021 6 march

  • HD Hira Studio
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    Leegen seeing 2021 March here

  • Anoop Jangra
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    Live hd

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    Legends seeing this video in 2021 March

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    Ultra legends are watching in 2021 march

  • Justice Way
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    Good job, Morkel.

  • Mad About bollywood
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    Albie morkel destroyed virat kohli bowling career

  • heartFORsports
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  • Matin Chaferkar
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    Csk kings 🔥🔥

  • Basil aliyas
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    Legends seeing this in video march2021

  • Azaad parinda
    Azaad parindaमहीने पहले

    Afridi 158 metres🙂♥️

  • Hanzala Ansif
    Hanzala Ansifमहीने पहले

    Who missing shahid afridi ♨️♨️😎

  • chandrakant Uppaladinni
    chandrakant Uppaladinniमहीने पहले

    Am watching this on march where it's 2021, no more dlf

  • Sajawal khan
    Sajawal khanमहीने पहले

    Shahid afridi is the father of all sixes. 158 meters hit six against South Africa Its World record

  • ĶáFìììŘřŘř ŤìĢĔřŘ fŤ Śàm ĶHàÑN
    ĶáFìììŘřŘř ŤìĢĔřŘ fŤ Śàm ĶHàÑNमहीने पहले

    Albe morkal 105 is amazing six

  • prashant pandey
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    Legends watching this video in march 2021 12:12 am😁

  • lazy_ sarcaster
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    March 2021

  • Shehzad shinaki
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    Boom boom afridi hit biggest six in international cricket 157 meter how😱?

  • joyanjoyce
    joyanjoyceमहीने पहले

    Finally we all forget boom boom man he can hit more than any one

  • Virtuoso_Bgm
    Virtuoso_Bgmमहीने पहले

    Andrea Russell ❤️❤️❤️